Yoga is Not Life Changing

Until you start doing it & witness what wonders it does to your body, personality, life and soul.

Clients' Say

Ruby is a great Yoga teacher. She is so friendly . It didn't matter if I have never done yoga or if I was a pro. She is very inspiring person. She would explain the positions clearly and always have time to help me individually if I needed. I always left the class feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead. I highly recommend her!!

Molly Bedi Kapoor

Yoga is not about losing weight rather it's about gaining knowledge about ones body. Understanding the real meaning of being fit. Ruby has made me realize this quite soon in life and I think that's definitely a sign of a great teacher. Thanks for all the motivation thanks for making me in enjoy my mornings and big thanks for helping me to get that inner peace.

Khyati Bhatnaagar


Meet Ruby

I am Ruby Thapliyal. I am a yoga trainer and a full-time mom, wife and new-age entrepreneur who is enjoying her work-life balance. I have graduated from Delhi University and done two corporate jobs before moving to Yoga industry. I love dancing,  painting,  and moving in different forms and also love to motivate people and breaking Stereotypes.

How Does Yoga Change Your Life?

Yoga Does not only work on your outer look but it also helps you to connect spiritually.  It works on your mind your Soul through breath and body movement which decreases your stress and fatigue level and increases your inner strength which automatically leads to a healthy and happy Life. Yoga can be Life changing experience for those who practice it regularly and mindfully. “Yoga Does not change Your personality but It definitely helps you to Meet Your Best Self “.

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