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Ruby Thapliyal’s story is nothing short of immense courage and will power. How she refused to accept her excess weight as an excuse to motherhood. Where there is a will there is a way. Same happened with Ruby. Once she decided on making her health her priority. All the pieces started falling in place.

She started getting offers and opportunities to support her vision. She worked day and night towards reaching her weight goals in a healthy and holistic manner. From being depressed, overweight and broke. Ruby is now fitter than she ever was. Financially independent. And a very happy mother.

Ruby is a walking example of health and holistic fitness. Her brand represents a mother who did not let go of herself. A mother who believes that a happy mother raises a happy family.

If your brand stands for a strong-willed woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams and visions then Ruby is the right person for you.


Rs. 4999/-


Rs. 4999/-

Video Endorsement (1 Minute Video mentioning the product)

Rs. 8999/-

Instagram Story Endorsement

Rs. 1999/- Per Story

Here’s how we can begin:

  • Email business queries at
  • Make a bank transfer
  • And Welcome aboard to attract clients to your brand like honey bees to flowers.

Terms & Conditions

  • All Payments have to be made in Advance.
  • No Payment Return Policy. At any point, if the brand decides to retract from the agreement. The Payment is non - refundable.
  • Ruby reserves the right to chose/deny brand collaboration which doesn’t resonate with her professional standards.
  • All content to be approved before proceeding to bank transfer. On the spot, unreasonable requests won’t be entertained.
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