Yoga Sessions & Workshops with Ruby

I welcome you all to come and startย Your Yogic journey in Fitness and self discovery through my Yoga Classes Where in I provide Group Classes,ย Personal classes, corporate classes and online classes worldwide.

Session's Details

I specialize in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. Hatha yoga is the Base of any yoga style and helps in maintaining correct posture alignment focusing on breath which leads to a healthy life and Vinyasa yoga is Power Yoga which will help you to lose that extra weight on weighing scale build strength and stamina. Charges For classes are as follows.


Group Classes

  • Rs 4999/ session
  • For 10 or less than 10 people


personal classes

  • Rs 2000/ session
  • Convenience Charges


online classes

  • Rs 1500/ session


corporate classes

  • Rs 6999/ session
  • Includes handouts and notes
  • For 10 or less people
  • For a group with more than 10, participation fee is Rs. 1000 per person.

Session Duration 60 Minutes

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