Please read the terms before subscribing to any of my services.

  1. At home in-person private classes are only available in Gurgaon.
  2. Online classes can be anywhere in India.
  3. Fee needs to be paid full in advance.
  4. Package classes (5/8/10/12) have a validity of 30 days.
  5. It is the practioner's responsibility to inform the teacher about any medical conditions/problems.
  6. Practioner needs to arrange an appropriate space for practice.
  7. Any indecency or misbehavior during the class or with the teacher would result in cancellation of classes without any refund.
  8. Class canceled less than 3 hours before the scheduled time without an unavoidable emergency will be charged full session fee. Only 2 such cancellation are provided free of cost more than 2 will be charged.

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